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Listen to our free webinars to refresh, learn, or take a deep dive. Our webinars are presented by Eugene F. Zelek, Jr., Senior Counsel at Taft Law, in collaboration with UPPmarket, inc., an Ecommerce Optimization specialist, and are recorded so you can listen whenever you want.

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MAP and Other Pricing Policies:
What’s New, What’s Frustrating and What Works

Sessions are about 60 minutes.

A Practical Primer on Successful MAP
and Other Pricing Policies for Legal Counsel
and Managers.

CLE Credit Approved. Sessions is about 60 minutes.

Special Note to Attorneys: This program has been approved for 60 minutes of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit in Illinois. Upon confirmation of your attendance at this program and to the extent feasible, an application for CLE credit can be filed on your behalf for each state you designate or you can be provided with proof of attendance. If you wish either option, please furnish the following when enrolling in this program: (a) your full name, (b) state(s) in which credit is sought and (c) your bar number in each such state. For those enrolled and attending, a brief, post-session survey for completion will be provided where required.

About UPPmarket

UPPmarket is a leading supplier of online services optimizing eCommerce outcomes including: Onboarding & Authorization, Price Monitoring & Enforcement, Channel Monitoring & Compliance, Pricing & Business Intelligence, and Full Throttle Global Data Acquisition, seamlessly leveraged together— all in one place.

Our guest speaker, Eugene F. Zelek, Jr., is a senior counsel at Taft Law in Chicago, Illinois. He is one of the leading antitrust lawyers in the retail and consumer product spaces. Mr. Zelek’s combination of experience and expertise shows itself in the long list of brands he has helped to regain control of their internet reseller and pricing programs.

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No. Our goal is to provide continuing education and would like to provide the ability to reach out to you as well as improve our webinars through your feedback.

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No, we are not currently providing the ability to download our webinars.

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Simply email Anthony Capozzoli and your questions will be addressed quickly by the UPPMarket team or our special guest experts.

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We are always happy to hear from our listeners and will do our best to provide the content you have requested.