Take back control of your brand.

Reseller management, Internet monitoring and policy enforcement — all in one place.

Reseller Onboarding & Management

Sign on trustworthy distributors and instantly isolate unauthorized resellers with our unique Selective Onboarding SystemTM.

Internet Monitoring & Policy Enforcement

Identify the most important action points to support your policies and optimize online resellers and markets.

Business Essentials

Strengthen authorized reseller relationships. Available B2B shop, D.A.M. and store finders streamline supporting your brand and resellers.

Marketing Tools

No one knows your brand better than you. Equip your resellers to help grow business. Includes bulk email, promo scheduling & reporting.

Reseller management, Internet monitoring and policy enforcement — all in one place.

Uppmarket’s patent-pending platform approaches channel optimization from a very different perspective than other ‘brand protection’ companies. We know who you choose to do business with and how you manage those relationships will ultimately determine the results you get. Our focus is helping you build better and more productive relationships that drive positive, bottom line results.

By providing consumer goods manufacturers and global sales organizations the means to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of their reseller and online markets, we put you back in control of your brand.

The Uppmarket Difference

Knowing who is authorized to sell your products is important. Knowing who is not and should not be authorized to sell your products and services is critical. 

With 20+ years of experience in channel management and program maintenance, we have seen the damage unauthorized resellers can have on a brand’s integrity and bottom line. UPPmarket is the unique online solution that provides you with full transparency of all your resellers so you can stop distribution problems or price erosion before it starts.  

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