Channel Monitoring & Compliance

Monitor direct sites, marketplaces, and price-comparison engines for authorized and unauthorized sellers to support your authorized reseller program to earn compliance globally.  Find and track sellers down to specific URL approval for maximum compliance.

Monitor Everywhere

The world is your oyster with UPPmarket.  We monitor anywhere and everywhere your products are being sold online in any language, currency, marketplace, site, price-comparison engine in any country.

Gain Compliance

Send digital or physical compliance notification and track every step of the process.  

If a seller is not approved to sell on Amazon, but is you’ll know it and with UPPmarket can do something about it.

Support Your Resellers

Protect your hard-earned relationships with your sellers.  Protect their investment in your brand.  

Stop Unauthorized Sellers

Put unauthorized sellers on notice and take them down

Down to the URL

Track and manage every seller down to the URL.  An approved seller may be approved on their direct site, but not on Amazon.

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